Investigating how children and families understand the world around them, learn through play and engage with each other has been the focus of the work Blue Scarf has done with Long Island Children's Museum, Minnesota Children's Museum, Kohl's Children's Museum of Greater Chicago, The Works, The DoSeum and the Association of Children's Museums.

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Blue Scarf conducted evaluations for the Hennepin County Library to understand immigrant needs and the effectiveness of its kindergarten readiness program. We've also worked with Dakota County Library to measure the impact of a community financial literacy program.

Some of the most intriguing and challenging work that Blue Scarf has done comes from arts and culture projects with Z Puppets Rosenschnoz, Great Northern Union Chorus, Minneapolis Institute of Art and the Iroquois Indian Museum.

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Exploring science and nature through experimentation and practice have been at the center of projects Blue Scarf has worked on at Discovery Place Science, The Bakken Museum, Minnesota Zoo and the Natural History Museum Los Angeles County.

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